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How to make every meeting a success

Getting all of your employees together for a meeting can be a big investment in terms of time and money, especially for small businesses. How can you ensure that everyone who participates is getting what they need from your meetings, and that your events reach their objectives?

In The Essential Guide to Better Business Meetings, SME Insider, in partnership with Marriott International’s event experts Meetings Imagined, provide a series of pointers to help you at every part of the meeting process, from inception to wrap-up, so that you never waste another meeting or event.

The comprehensive guide provides expert advice that applies to businesses of all sizes, on how to set up your meeting, create an optimal atmosphere, and present effectively.

“You want people to feel the experience was beneficial and contributed to their knowledge, perspective, and ultimately, to bottom-line growth,” says Dorie Clark, adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

“If they leave scratching their heads as to the meeting’s purpose, it’s a wasted opportunity.”

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