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Jeremy Corbyn slams big earners ‘ludicrous’ pay

Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn has attacked some of Britain’s biggest wage earners, stating that bankers should wake up to the nations ‘‘gross inequalities’’.

In June the Islington North MP announced that he was running for the labour leadership, stating that he’s standing on a “clear anti-austerity platform”.

A number of senior Labour party figures warned that voting Corbyn in as leader of the party would be a disaster. Baroness Boothroyd fears the worst, stating that her party was ‘‘galloping towards the precipice’’ as Corbyn inches towards becoming Labour’s next leader.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the labour leader candidate expressed his opinions on a number of topics, starting with the salary gap that exists within Britain’s businesses, something that Corbyn aims to look at if he becomes the next Labour leader.

‘‘I do think the salary levels and the bonus levels again have got to be looked at,” commented Corbyn.

I am looking at the gap in every organisation between highest and lowest levels of pay.’’

Corbyn has already made it clear that if elected as Labour leader, he would aim to improve life for small business owners.

Dubbed the ‘Better Business’ plan, Corbyn hopes to put a number of measures in place, including freezing business rates for SMEs, punishing those who avoid corporation tax and pouring money into creating more skilled workers.

Corbyn also plans to set up a National Investment Bank that would provide small and microbusinesses with vital funding.

‘‘Britain’s businesses complain that Britain suffers from a lack of investment in our energy, transport and digital infrastructure. Yet the government continues to cut public investment. I want a National Investment Bank to fund the infrastructure we need,’’ explained Corbyn.