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Comic book firm launches ‘My First Startup’ crowdfunding campaign

YourComicStory, a comic book company that specialises in creating educational books for children, is raising money to distribute ‘My First Startup’, a comic that encourages kids to become entrepreneurs.

Based in Brooklyn, artists Russell Geyushev and David Kieve have launched a Kickstarter campaign raising funds to create and distribute the comic book to children around the world.

The comic is aimed at eight to twelve year-olds and teaches them about entrepreneurship in an un-patronising way.

At the time of writing this, YourComicStory has raised nearly $2,000 out of a potential $10,000. People who donate a significant amount of money towards the campaign are rewarded with special privileges.  For example, if you donate $5,000, you or a person of your choice will be used as one of the story’s characters and be drawn into the comic book.

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As well as teaching them about creating their own start-up, the artistic novel helps teach them basic problem solving skills as well as creative thinking, managing responsibility, work-life balance and mathematical and analytical skills.

In a recent blog post for The Guardian, Geyushev and Kieve talk about the challenges they’ve faced since coming up with the idea for a start-up comic book.

‘‘Funding has certainly been a challenge,’’ explained the comic book artists.

‘‘We have a lot of plans for the future; though don’t want to share any spoilers just yet. The success of our Kickstarter campaign will play a big role in how we proceed. We do want this to be more than just a fun and practical comic book. Our ambition is to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship in children.’’