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Young employees are leaving large firms to work for start-ups

According to an Escape the City survey, hundreds of young employees are leaving their jobs due to a stressful working environment, with many joining start-up companies. Find out the top ten companies that employees are jumping ship to join.

According to a study conducted by Escape the City, a company that helps people find their ‘dream job’, young professionals do not see themselves staying at their current company for long.

Many of the 1,000 employees surveyed felt that their current job had no purpose, and they had suffered physical and mental health issues because of their current role.

‘‘The world of work is changing dramatically – people are just not satisfied with the status quo any longer,’’ stated Dom Jackman, co-founder of Escape the City in an interview with Quartz magazine.

‘‘It’s no longer the case that joining a big company is the only option – there are an abundance of opportunities out there that give people a feel-good factor they just don’t get at a big company.’’

Start-up businesses are now attracting these employees, with Escape the City producing a top ten list of firms that young people want to ‘escape’ from and ones that they want to join.

Top companies to ‘escape’ – according to Escape the City


Ernst & Young




Deutshe Bank



Morgan Stanley

Goldman Sachs

Top companies to join – according to Escape the City



Virgin Galactic

Vita Coco

Pact Coffee




Tough Mudder

Charity Water