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Lidl to pay recommended living wage from October 2015

Lidl has said it will become the first supermarket in the UK to implement the living wage as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation.

£9.35 in London

The introduction is the first from a British Supermarket and will mean that all Lidl UK employees receive a minimum of £8.20 per hour across England, Scotland and Wales, and £9.35 per hour in London. This will be an average wage increase of £1,200 per year, with 53 per cent of Lidl UK’s 17,000 workforce and all age brackets benefiting from the rise.

However, the living wage recommendations will not be introduced in Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted by the move from Lidl to increase the pay of their staff to rates above the current UK and London voluntary Living Wage rates, and significantly higher than the national minimum wages,” said Rhys Moore, director, Living Wage Foundation.

Recommended age update in November

He also went on to say how Lidl has committed to matching the new living wage recommendations, which the Foundation will publish in November.

National Living Wage difference

As it stands, Lidl pays the minimum of £7.30 and £8.03 inside of London, whilst the Foundation’s current recommendations stand at £7.85 and £9.15 inside London.

The National Living Wage, as set out in the Chancellor’s July  Budget, is set to be £7.20 from April 2016 with the intention of rising to £9 by 2020.

‘Proud of our employees’ 

Ronny Gottschlich, Lidl UK CEO said: “At Lidl UK we are proud of our achievements, proud of our growth, and proud of our unwavering commitment to our customers and quality products, but most of all we are proud of our employees who make everything possible.”

He went on to say that this makes Lidl employees “the best paid in the supermarket sector, and that’s something I
feel incredibly proud about.”