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North East Business Awards to recognise small businesses’ contribution

This year’s North East Business Awards will once again recognise the significant contributions made by the region’s small businesses.

The event was organised by The Journal and its Teeside sister paper, The Gazette, in association with the North East Chamber of Commerce and it aims to acknowledge the small businesses of the region and their successes over the past 12 months.

This year’s winner of the Small Business Award was Tomlinson Hall & Co Ltd, a distributor for major industrial pump brands. The firm has been active for nearly a century, having first opened for business in 1919. It was praised for its sales growth over the past three years.

Colin Simpson, business development director of Tomlinson Hall & Co Ltd, said at the time: “The competition for the Small Business Award was fierce and we were up against some truly innovative companies, so to come out as winners is testimony to the ingenuity, dedication and commitment shown by our staff.”

The University of Sunderland is one of the event’s sponsors, alongside  Bernicia and Tees Valley Business Compass.

“Given that there are around 135,000 small businesses in the North East it is no surprise that they are the arteries to the healthy heart of the North-East economy. Their importance simply can’t be ignored,” Sunderland University’s spokesman said.

“Around 90% of the university’s business engagement is with SMEs. The university has been working with such business for many years, helping them develop their products, their profitably and their people,” he continued.