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Is Brighton really the best place to start a business in the UK?

Brighton is one of the best locations to start a business in the UK, due to low number of failing businesses and its large collection of SMEs.


Putting Britain under the microscope

Examining 64 cities across the UK, the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) set itself with the task of finding which area of the UK is best to start a new business in.

The organisation looked at six specific criteria when picking the best city, including the density of small and medium sized business, digital connectivity, and the amount of SME closures.


And the winner is….

Brighton came out on top because of its high number of startups and collection of SMEs. The seaside city also ranked well for digital connectivity, coming second behind Luton.

The top 20 cities for starting a business are:

top 20

Mark Farrar, Chief Executive of the AAT, is delighted with the reports results:

‘‘The success of London as a global centre for business has been one of the UK’s biggest success stories of the past 20 years however the tables could now be turning,’’ commented Farrar.

‘‘The opportunities available in the UK’s provincial cities make them an extremely attractive place to invest in and it’s encouraging to see the high number of new businesses opening and thriving across the country.’’

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