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Government IT marketplace sees half of £1bn contracts go to SMEs

Small suppliers have benefited the most from the government’s digital marketplace, winning more than £500 million worth of IT deals through the procurement system.

Latest figures have revealed that the value of contracts awarded via the digital marketplace has reached £1 billion since its launch in November 2014.

More than half of that comprises deals made with small firms, which have totaled £521 million, Whitehall has announced.


Improved access to deals

The digital marketplace was designed to help public sector organisations buy IT services from a wider range of suppliers in a single website. Almost 90 per cent of the suppliers listed on the site are small businesses.

The government had originally intended for 25 per cent of its IT budget to be spent with SMEs, but this has now doubled.

  • Kdhspurs

    What a load of cobblers. Another smokescreen just like the banks were lending to SME’s during the recession but were actually converting overdrafts to loans (or else)!
    Following Philip Greens mantra of centralised buying will put the power of purchasing in a few Suppliers hands and the 1000’s of Macro and SME’s will be left in the cold.
    Check out what’s happened to the “FREE” site Competefor, it’s moribund, a mere sop to S…. and only used as a “Red Herring” for pay as you go Supply sites.