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It’s not easy being green – 6 easy ways your business can help the environment

Becoming environmentally friendly is something that SME Insider has discussed an awful lot recently, but there is still so much more to uncover. These six tips can gradually turn you and your staff into eco-warriors.

Protecting the environment is on the agenda of businesses across the globe and with World Environment Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than taking up a green-fingered approach.

Kate Whitehouse, sustainability manager at IMServ explains how your business can do its bit to help make the world a cleaner place, without adding extra responsibilities to your work force.

1. Legislation first

It is important to acknowledge that while you may have aspirations of being carbon-neutral, this probably isn’t practical. Instead you should use legislation as a starting point, and then consider your aspirations and set targets accordingly.

2. Easy wins

Think about where it might be easy to make small changes that would make a big difference. Installing recycling bins would be much easier and cheaper than tackling a complex issue like grey water solutions.

3. Engaging staff

Rather than implementing an entire environmental strategy overnight, taking small steps will help staff buy-in to your changes. Make sure you monitor engagement and put up reminders. Always explain why you are implementing changes and consider rewarding employees that engage the most.

4. Service providers

Remember that not all service providers are the same, and while the market leaders may not be able to accommodate your needs as a small business, other providers specialise in these areas and will be able to give the right service for you.

5. Accreditation

It isn’t unrealistic for an SME to aim for an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation as a small business. Investigate the criteria and you may find that you are already doing many of the required practices. Some customers also require businesses to be accredited before they can work with you, so you might even win some new business as a result.

6. Long journey

Remember that change is a gradual process and you don’t need to introduce a long list of new practices straightaway. Small steps, with easy to reach goals allow you to measure and achieve success, whilst still running your business.