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Invitation: Learn to keep up with digital leaders

SMEs are investing more resources in driving digital, but often struggle to identify the key elements that will deliver success.

The ADBL’s Digital Business programme equips SMEs with the skills they need to make an impression in the digital world, and as an SME Insider subscriber, you have the opportunity to secure a place on the course at a lower price.

We’ve partnered with the ADBL to guarantee five places on the programme, designed for business owners and digital/IT leaders in SMEs. For these five successful applicants, the ADBL will fund 50 per cent of course fees.

The programme covers essential skills for organisations trying to get ahead in digital, providing a comprehensive toolkit for digital transformation, including: digital business models, pretotyping, unlocking and utilising big data, analytics and more.

What about the marketing team in your SME?

The ADBL’s interactive platform Dot Native hosts 10 short courses in the essentials of digital marketing. You can get your team on the platform for just £200 per team member, a far more affordable option than alternative training routes.

Dot Native is offering a no-obligation free trial for marketing teams to get instant access to the courses as well as 100s of hours of expert master classes, insights and talks, 80 Best Practice Guides at your fingertips, expert strategies and more.

Click here to get your team on their free trial and benefit from their advanced skillset from the get go.