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5 ways to ensure you never waste another meeting

Meetings, although a necessary part of business, can be big time wasters, as many of those taking part may be underutilised or unmotivated. However, if done well, meetings can be a great way of reinforcing your business goals, motivating your team, and keeping them engaged.

We’ve teamed up with Marriott’s Meetings Imagined to create a really useful guide to making every meeting as productive as possible – including prompts to get the conversation flowing, tips for engaging and motivating your staff, and strategies for improving communication among the team. Simply complete the form below to download your free copy.

To give you a taster of what’s inside, here are a are a few pointers for getting the most out of your next business meeting.

1) Create an agenda 

Before you go into your meeting, ensure that every attendee understands the meeting’s purpose. Creating a focal point means that if things get off track, you can easily redirect the discussion.

2) Motivate and engage your staff

Meetings present a great chance to celebrate your team’s achievements since the last time you got together  – and it can help motivate them to get involved in the meeting.

3) Find coffee-less ways to boost energy

Consider changing the meeting’s setup by using a standing desk or changing the environment to help bring out your team’s creativity and stop the onset of lethargy.

4) Use some fail-safe brainstorming prompts

With the right prompt, you can inspire your team to get their best ideas on the table. It doesn’t have to be directly related to the issue being discussed, the goal is just to get people talking.

5) Integrate technology

There’s a huge selection of apps available to help you make your meeting run more smoothly, including messaging tools, checklist managers and of course, email platforms.

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