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Shoreditch small business damaged by anti-gentrification protesters

A cereal café based in East London was the target of a brutal attack by anti-gentrification activists who threw paint on its windows and smeared explicit messages on its storefront.


‘Absolutely terrified

On the evening of September 26th, the Cereal Killer café on Brick Lane was damaged by campaigners who daubed the word ‘scum’ on its front window.

Owned by twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery, the family-run business sells over 120 different types of cereal from around the world. They claim the attack left them and their customers ‘absolutely terrified’.

It is thought that the small business was being attacked by protesters because of its high prices.

In December 2014, a Channel 4 journalist questioned staff as to whether they thought local people would pay £3.20 for a single bowl of cereal. Prices can be as high as £4.40 for one bowl.

The attack began at about 20:00 BST and continued into the early hours of the night. The anti-gentrification protesters are known on social media as the ‘f*** parade’ and used Twitter to inform people of their attack. The group seemed to be hitting out at East London as a whole, but had chosen to limit its attack to the cafe.

“Cereal cafe. £5 for cereal when people are starving. F*** gentrification.”

“F*** cutesy boutiques and coffee shops. Homes for everyone,” stated the Twitter post.


‘The mob won’t win’

Alan Kerry spoke to the London Evening Standard who said the attack felt like a ‘witch hunt.’

‘‘There were children there – they were terrified,” he said. “The staff were absolutely terrified. It was an angry mob throwing paint at the windows. They had torches and pigs’ heads,’’ explained Kerry, who said the protesters were shouting about gentrification and reclaiming East London.

‘‘I think it’s an absolute joke, a bunch of people attacking us. We’re a small business. There’s other big chain places around Shoreditch – me and my brother started a business out of absolutely nothing and we’re trying to grow it.’’

‘‘London as a city is growing and Shoreditch is no different. It’s just a growing city – people are going to open businesses and try things and try to better themselves,’’ continued Kerry.

The attack hasn’t stopped Cereal Killer Café from operating. A day after the incident it was business as usual for Alan and Gary, who used Twitter to speak to the demonstrators.