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7 reasons why SMEs should charge for plastic bags (Infographic)

Are you thinking about charging your customers 5p for a plastic bag? If you’re on the fence, take a look at this brilliant infographic that gives you seven reasons for why you should be leading the plastic bag charge.


New initiative

Last week (October 5th) marked the beginning of a new rule that forced all large retailers in England to charge its customers for plastic bags. Companies that hire over 250 people have been included in the government’s plans to cut down on the 8.5 billion bags used in Britain last year.

Small businesses are currently exempt from the legislation changes, but should they charge for plastic bags anyway?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has already encouraged SME owners to introduce a 5p charge for customers, but many will be in fear of doing so, as it may cause customers to shop elsewhere.

This infographic from Make it Cheaper reveals the many benefits of charging customers for plastic bags, including:

  • It’s good for the environment – millions of plastic bags are floating in the Pacific Ocean right now, with it being dubbed ‘The plastic soup‘.
  • Improves the perception of an SME – 58 per cent of Make it Cheaper’s survey said the plastic bag charge would have no impact on, or in some cases even improve, their perception of a small business.
  • It’s a good marketing opportunity – 62 per cent of the survey said they would buy a plastic bag from a small business if it had their branding/logo on it.


Become an early adopter

Nick Heath, business savings expert at Make It Cheaper, believes that the plastic bag charge is a brilliant opportunity for SME owners and he reveals a great tip that could benefit small businesses in the long run.

‘‘It’s a great idea for small business owners to become early adopters of the plastic bag charge, as it’s a great way to distinguish your business from your competitors,’’ said Heath.

‘‘The Government has also announced that businesses joining in the first year can cover overheads in order to become compliant with the law. So, it’s better for small businesses to act early and reap the benefits, because we will see the number of these reasonable costs reduce after the first year.’’