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Your step-by-step startup business guide (Infographic)

Creating your own business from scratch can be an extremely daunting task, especially if you are doing it without the backing of a mentor. This handy infographic reveals the essential things that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to do.

Startups have been growing in record numbers in 2015, with the first quarter producing over 30,000 new businesses. Many of those businesses will have been set up by first timers, many of whom are expected to fail within the first five years. But why does this keep happening?

Helloprint UK has produced an informative infographic that goes through some of the most important processes for starting a business. Also, find out which area in the UK is the top startup location.




  • PeterJ42

    This is an excellent Infographic to encapsulate the 20th century way of starting a business. It bears no relation to the 21st century methodology. Modern businesses are made largely of pixels (image) and bytes (data). As such they constantly change and creating a methodology which drives that change is fundamental.

  • Joseph O’Brien

    Great infographic! I have wrote about something similar. How to
    start up an SME office cleaning business
    I have wrote it for anyone who needs help with costings, staffing, target
    market research etc.