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Blackpool entrepreneurs to star in crowdfunding reality game show

Two business owners from Blackpool are set to take part in a brand new gameshow in which they become would-be investors for business owners looking to launch their ideas.


Entrepreneurs are hitting the small screen

Martin Heywood, managing director of entertainment company Viva Blackpool, and Leye D Johns, the venue’s resident show compère and comedian are set to be on our TV screens as they take part in the new eight-part series, Money Pit.

The show is set to air on Thursday, October 29 at 7.30pm on Dave, UKTV’s leading comedy entertainment channel. The show has been inspired by the success of crowdfunding in Britain.

According to the UK Crowdfunding Association, there were over 500 crowdfunding platforms online in 2012 and in the same year we saw the first crowdfunded project raise over £1,000,000. Crowdfunding has gone on to be a big success in the UK, attracting investment from some of Britain’s biggest stars.


‘Concept of the show is great’

Hosted by Jason Manford who plays a ringmaster role within an arena setting, the show sees a mix of amateur investors and total strangers putting their own money on the line in a quest to back the fledgling businesses they believe in.

money pit

Each person can invest between £100 and £20,000 and in return they receive a share in the business, or another reward. The show also features entrepreneurs in a real pit, as they try to grab potential investors’ cash.

‘‘We hope viewers will find Money Pit compelling viewing, as we really enjoyed being involved and hope we brought some great comedy moments to the show,’’ said Heywood.

‘‘We’re not giving anything away, but we think viewers will find a fair degree of irony in one of the businesses that really won Leye over.  It will be both interesting, though a little hard, to watch episodes back, but the concept of the show is great and it’s very relevant to the way funding for businesses is moving.’’

  • Andii

    As you rightly say, crowdfunding has really begun to fill the gap for funding that banks left. We are featured next Thursday 5th November so its going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.