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Entrepreneurship: is it worth the risk? (Infographic)

What age do you have to be before its deemed ‘too late’ for you to be running your own business? According to this infographic from Dun & Bradstreet Credibility, most founders are middle aged when they start their company, so age is merely a number. You’ll also discover how risky it is to be running your own firm, and you’ll be given five keys for SME success.

Starting is a business is hard, we all know that. Half of all UK startups fail within the first five years, but if you put in enough hard work, you won’t be part of that statistic. Take a break from running your SME and gain some inspiration with this infographic which shows that you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it.


  • Nice article but I wonder what the “risk of ruin” statistics look like now. These show the run up to, and include, the last recession and so are going to include some grim figures

  • MrPeterQuintana

    I don’t agree that entrepreneurs are risk-takers and that therefore they need not just to be willing, but to have the ‘courage’ to take risks. Entrepreneurs understand how to assess risk, and therefore are able to take decisions based on that understanding. In addition, they have also thought through what they need to do should things not turn out the way they hoped. It’s a slight, but very important distinction.

  • PeterJ42

    It is easy to put out statistics without checking their validity. There are way more startups than those figures – and way more failures too. But most don’t even get as far as being recorded on government stats.