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Avoid 2016’s ‘cybergeddon’ with these facts (infographic)

In the latest cyber threats report from McAfee, 2016 is set to be a year of advanced cyber attacks on businesses and individuals alike.

By 2020 worldwide data is set to reach 44 zetabytes, generated by an estimated 5.9 billion smart phones and 200 billion IoT devices. The surface area for hacking attacks is growing at a substantial rate.

Alarmists have cautioned 2016 as the beginning of international cyber warfare and inter country cyber espionage, forming the early stages of cybergeddon.

‘Think the unthinkable’

Last week The Washington Post quoted Ted Koppel as saying that “when it comes to cyber warfare and cyber terrorism, we need to think of the unthinkable”.

This infographic from LSA Systems outlines some of the essentials needed to hold back any imminent cyber-attack in 2016, including information from its in-house IT security experts and some of the latest stats released by McAfee.


Cybergeddon story

  • James Thomsen

    And absolutely none of us should be required to learn cryptography or have to pay for a BlackPhone to be secure in this interesting, dangerous, new, digital reality.
    – I wonder… when learning in a public school, dangerous knowledge, minimized as ‘Maths’ or skills that can potentially help to create part of the $500 Billion a year damage done by Hackers alone (ISIS only makes the comparatively “paltry” some of ~ $500 Million a year from Oil)? No, I don’t want a ban on Maths. I want those that are taught potentially dangerous Maths or Programs & Protocols in public schools to have to be required to sign a: ‘I Will Do No Harm’ kind of responsibility agreement and maybe even have to pay for a License. So if they choose to use the knowledge they’ve gained destructively, it can not only be traced back to them, they can pay the kind of price a Doctor would have to pay. If that means going all the way back to a digital wall at the source, where to even access the internet in the first place. Just like if you want to Carry, Marry, Drive, Dive, Cast, Sell, Fly, or use knives like a Chef or a Surgeon who have all been trained in their ‘Arts’. Do you think this is an absolutely 1984 idea? Well, we passed 1984 a long time ago and it came even before 1984 with Telegrams and Bell Telephone. There’s cameras everywhere (at least 2 or more in your home right now) and microphones that you choose to have along with you all the time (each can be hacked), all the apps you give ‘permissions’ to. satellites, quantum teleportation, drones, virtual & augmented realities, genetics, IOT, the internet itself, armed robots of all sizes and capabilities, 3D-printed exoskeletons and ‘Iron-Man’ type Limbs and life extension technologies that to someone like my Parents and myself, it’s not just the future, but we’re living in a time of Magic. All of this and more, is right here at home too, if you have the money.But what comes with it are ill-intentions. It all comes back to borders and security for your immediate family and neighbors does it not?