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35 per cent of small firm owners hit the drink to combat stress

A third of small and microbusiness owners turn to drink to cope with stress, according to a survey by online accounting firm Crunch.

The survey polled 750 self-employed people and entrepreneurs about the factors that cause them stress and how they deal with them. It found that 35 per cent hit the bottle to help them relax, with 20 per cent more men than women (39.5 per cent versus 29.5 per cent) using alcohol to de-stress.

Respondents reported a number of factors that contribute to increasing stress levels, including the unpredictable nature of work (23 per cent), late payments (13 per cent) and tax and red tape (9 per cent).


Kick back with a good book

The most common ways to combat stress were watching TV (57 per cent), reading (45 per cent) and exercising (42 per cent). Drinking was the fourth most popular method of de-stressing, the survey found.

Microbusiness ambassador at Crunch, Jason Kitcat, said: “It’s extremely worrying that so many of the freelancers and SMEs that drive our economy forward are turning to drink to deal with stress.

“It’s clear that the government needs to do more to reduce the burden of red tape and ensure that freelancers and small business owners’ rights are being better protected. On average it takes freelancers 25 days to chase a payment, and cashflow is a consistent source of stress; this is simply not good enough.

“It’s also important to realise that although starting up and running a microbusiness can be stressful, it can also be extremely rewarding. This explains why it’s one of the fastest growing sectors of the country’s economy, collectively employing 8.4 million people.”

  • Dina Lynch Eisenberg

    Self employed folks have to develop systems that allow them to de-stress and resolve the issues that cause stress. One great way to do that is to hire your biz dream team. These professionals lift the burden off of the owners so he or she can focus on their core genius, not the grunt work they aren’t best prepared to do.

    There are 5 essential partners and special teammates. I always recommend a health coach for your special team. This coach helps you create the systems to manage your physical and mental health so you have the reserves you need to lead. Those who want to know the other 5 can find an infographic at http://OutsourceEasier.com/free-report/

  • Whilst I agree that this is something to be concerned about, how do these figures compare with employed people? It could be that self employed people are drinking more, or it could actually be that we drink less than those who have jobs.