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Video marketing trends for 2016 (infographic)

SMEs may not typically prioritise video marketing, but there are some key pointers that business owners can strategise from this infographic.

Video Marketing Trends for 2016 outlines some of the factors that look set to change the way we view video marketing through the year.

Hyperfine Media says: “Even though it has been proven that users engage with visual video content more than any other form of content, businesses still struggle to understand the importance of involving video into their strategies.

“Hopefully these statistics will help clear a few things up and encourage more businesses to utilise video in 2016.”


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  • The article and infographics are good, but for the trends I would add interactive video,

  • True. True. Thanks for sharing the infographic. Yes, I’d agree, interactive video is coming fast. Currently writing a blog post about it. I’ll post a link here when it’s complete.

  • Completely agree, interactive video will play a much bigger role. We use it heavily and are seeing some great results in the Recruitment sector. Also think personalized video will start to be used more. JC Stites – looking forward to your blog.

  • Sarah

    Very good article and infografics about videomarketing and the strategies – thanks for charing. I think also content marketing is one of the main factors 2016 . for everybody in Germany: if you are interested in videomarketing you might find our service usefull