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What’s the secret ingredient for digital change in small businesses?

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Digital transformation: in business, it’s the buzz phrase of the decade, but are small businesses getting it right?

According to Tom Bryant, former senior advisor on digital and technology skill at the UK Government Digital Service, many businesses, by focusing on digitising their product range, are forgetting the secret ingredients for digital transformation: their people and processes.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to focus solely on the customer’s digital journey and not the digital detail in an inward, operational function. Tom recommends businesses consider how digital is inwardly affecting them, and consider how they need to become more innovative, agile, and flexible in their culture.

“One of the first things a company needs to realise about digital transformation is that it’s about much, much more than just digital marketing,” he said in a recent interview with The ADBL. “Their strategy needs to consider the outward facing transformation, but also the inward facing change.”

He says that a good starting point is to define what “digital” means to your business by creating a “digital skills matrix”, which defines the key digital skills your organisation requires then breaks them down further into skill groups. A skills matrix enables organisations to establish and eventually plug the skills gaps within them.

Tom is a session leader at The ADBL’s Executive Diploma in Digital Business, which equips business leaders with the skills and tools to identify digital opportunities within their organisation and work towards tangible digital change. During his career, he has advised companies including Barclays, 20th Century Fox and Centrica on their business transformation programmes.

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