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Police cyber-crime experts to advise Warwickshire SMEs

SMEs in Warwickshire will benefit from police experts offering advice about protecting themselves from cyber-crime.

Two police employees will work at Warwickshire County Council and engage with local small firms to help them improve their digital security and to ward off the “major threat” of cyber-attacks.


Responding to threat

A spokesperson for the Police and Crime Commissioner Warwickshire, which is funding the scheme, said: “[The advisers] will mainly be working towards providing advice to SMEs across Warwickshire. We see cyber-crime as a major threat and feel it needs a serious response.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Ron Ball, added: “Although levels of traditional crime continue to fall, it is clear there is a new frontier for criminals who increasingly are turning their attentions online to commit crime.


Losses of up to £2.5m

“Our research indicates that the losses suffered by victims of cyber-crime in the county could amount to as much as £2.5 million each year.

“This way of working has already proved very beneficial when tackling business and rural crime where I have provided funding for similar advisers, so I am delighted to be able extend this to cyber-crime.”