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More Britons backing summer shutdown

As the summer begins, as new piece of research has shown that a growing number of UK businesses would support a summer shutdown, similar to that enjoyed by much of Europe. The report, from virtual assistant service providers ava, showed that almost 60% of the UK would welcome an annual summer ‘shutdown’.

According to ava, the concept of an annual summer shutdown “Has been adopted by many businesses – most notably construction equipment giants JCB. The Staffordshire-based company closes its main Rochester factory each summer for up to three weeks not only cutting back on expenditure and outgoings – but giving all staff a designated period to enjoy the summer – fully paid of course.”

The practice of shutting down operations in August is a long standing tradition in Italy, Spain and France, when companies largely shut up shop as workers and families head to the beach for a break.


Top tips

For those UK companies looking to follow suit, ava has the following advice:

Plan ahead– encourage staff to book holiday early and line up replacements if necessary.

Be flexible – Work closely with the workforce to create a flexible working plan that not only fits their needs, but the company’s too.

Use downtime wisely – catch up on forecasting, inventory management and assessing outgoings while you have the time.