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Millennials prefer social life at SMEs

Smaller businesses are leading the way in attracting the best ‘millennial’ talent, according to a new survey. And they are doing that, in part, by offering the most attractive social atmosphere. The Robert Walters research reveals that 80% of millennials regard a fun and social workplace as important when looking for a new job.

Ed Glover, Associate Director at Robert Walters, said: “Millennials are increasingly willing, and even enthusiastic, to have less of a boundary between their personal and professional lives.”

“SMEs have a significant edge over larger employers in being able to offer this kind of environment when looking to attract top Millennial talent.”

It seems that SMEs are better at understanding what employees in their twenties and early thirties value most highly: for instance, 48% of small businesses say they offer a social outing with colleagues as part of the induction for new starters. The figure for larger employers was just 33%


‘The chance to play a key role’

Glover continued, “SMEs may struggle to offer the clear, structured career ladder available to larger firms due the size of the business. However, this does not mean that SMEs cannot compete in terms of their ability to attract top millennial talent through the offer of career progression.”

“Employers can encourage millennials to use their insights to explore possibilities for how the business can expand, and offering them the chance to play a key role in that expansion.”

“This approach can ensure SMEs appeal to a significant number of millennial professionals, providing employers are clear about these opportunities.”

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