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CBI offers five point Brexit checklist

The CBI has said there are five key points that the government must consider and work towards as part of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Focusing on retaining as much access to European markets and partners, the manifesto says that keeping UK-EU trade tariff-free should be “One of the Government’s highest priorities, as well as enshrining the right of UK services companies to establish and provide services in other EU countries. It goes on to say that non-tariff barriers on UK-EU trade should be kept as low as possible.”

In the wake of the vote, with uncertainty still unsettling small businesses in particular other four key CBI priorities are:

  • Balancing regulatory equivalence with the EU with flexibility and influence over the domestic environment
  • Ensuring the UK’s migration system allows companies to access the people and skills that they need, while recognising public concerns
  • Developing a clear strategy for international trade and economic agreements
  • Protecting the economic and social benefits of EU funded projects


‘Government must work with business’

The CBI chief executive said that “The principles are clear: businesses want to continue trading easily with EU neighbours while bringing down barriers to new opportunities around the world. They also highlight the need to strike a balance between UK and EU-led regulation in future, to ensure access to global talent while recognising public concerns, and for clear plans to replace EU funding.

Fairbairn also called on the government to work closely with business in the coming months to achieve this, in “A new, deep partnership will be needed between the government and firms of all sizes across the UK. Firms recognise that trade-offs may be necessary but that they should be guided by these principles.”

“Many businesses are still working through exactly what a vote to leave may mean for them, but in the meantime are getting on with providing stability and jobs in their communities. To support this goal, businesses want the government to focus on domestic priorities, including a swift decision on new airport capacity, while setting a clear plan and timetable for the negotiations.

  • David Randall

    My small business is already being affected by this abysmally stupid decision to leave the EU. However, as long as Article 50 has not been triggered by this advisory referendum, it is not too late to get your MPs to act to stave off recession.

    As the aims are similar, the CBI would do well to contact members and getting them to join in with the massive protest march, ‘March for Europe’, due to take place on Saturday 3rd September.

    Details of the March and the link to say that you are going can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1740541299568402/

    • Rob Jackson

      Around 15 million people agree with you, maybe more now, but a march will not make one jot of a difference. Over a million marched to stop the Iraq war and look what happened. Do I have a better idea, unfortunately not, other than voting out the people that got us into this mess.

      • David Randall

        I take your point that politicians can and do ignore marches. However, the marching has important tangential effects. It energizes the campaigners so see that we are not alone, it offers visual content for promoting the debate in the media, but most importantly for me it tells other Europeans in no uncertain terms that the British have not lost their mind and they do still value European unity, peace and co-operation in Europe.

        I’m ashamed to say I didn’t March against the Iraq War, I wish I did now. i think the fact that people marched against war has made a difference. It has provided important evidence that politicians are out of touch and live in their own bubble, and this is exactly the mood of the of the population on both sides of the Brexit debate that evidenced itself in the frustration of the Brexit vote.

        The intention is to scale these pro-Europe marches up and to spill them over onto the European continent, then we will see some real passion from people all over Europe who do not want us to put the clock back to 1939.

        All the best Rob