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Mixed views on post-Brexit outlook

Nearly half (47%) of UK SMEs believe that the recent Brexit vote will cause no significant disruption to their businesses, new research from national courier outfit CitySprint reveals.

Despite negative impacts such as Sterling crashing to a 30-year low, just 14% expressed concerns that the UK leaving the EU will affect them in any impactful way.

Patrick Gallagher, chief executive of CitySprint, commented: “It’s fantastic to see that the UK’s SMEs remain upbeat and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. We know that they are resilient, having weathered the economic ups and downs over recent years, but business leaders must not become blasé about the future. As a business leader myself, I have been working closely with my leadership team to prepare for every likely eventuality.”

The poll revealed that most small businesses would prefer a six-month delay before any concrete exit negotiations begin.

Yet some 20% of businesses said they wanted the government to trigger Article 50 immediately.

Almost three quarters of small businesses in the capital were more wary, believing that Brexit will cause significant disruption. Despite this, some 49% of London business leaders said they were just as confident as they were a year ago.