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New entrant looking to challenge BT Broadband

The small business broadband market is set to be shaken up by the entry of a new player. Australian firm Exetel announced its intention to challenge BT as a principle provider of broadband services to the small business sector, with chief executive Richard Purdy announcing that “We can see clear gaps in the UK market,”

“BT’s got the lion’s share of the market when it comes to SMEs and there are a lot of challenger brands coming along, which is what we’ve been doing in Australia for years,” Purdy said. According to Exetel, it has signed wholesale deals with BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Vodafone as part of its market strategy, with Purdy saying “The bigger companies are slow to react to competition but we’re the opposite,” claiming that Exetel would focus on improving service levels.

However, Purdy admits that it will need to work with BT, using its infrastructure in particular. “Installation times are one thing we’re not happy with, because we won’t have any control over it ourselves.”