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Dashboard solution vows to “Handle” small business digital needs

Small businesses will be able to understand, monitor and manage the growing tide of digital information across all of its different forms, thanks to an innovative new dashboard solution.

That’s the bold claim from the Bizfitech, the Notttingham-based technology outfit behind Handle – designed to bring together information from a business’s website, social media activity, customer feedback, credit score and financial information – essentially collating how the world sees a business, in one easy place.

Bizfitech CEO Olly Betts said: “Understanding, monitoring and managing the growing digital information across all of its different forms is a huge challenge and one that most business owners are ill equipped to deal with. Time poor and juggling multiple priorities, it’s impossible for the modern business owner to be an expert at everything, whether that’s a financial analyst, digital marketer, customer relations expert or social media guru.

“Nothing like Handle has ever existed before. It has been created for small business owners and has been developed and influenced by almost 200 small business owners who had early access to Handle over a 6 month period.”

One of those beta testers who took part in the extensive user testing programme, Rebecca Aldridge, managing director of Balance: Wealth Planning, said:  “As a business that finds the majority of its new clients online, Handle allows us to see how we are being perceived and then take control of our online reputation. For example, the scores on the dashboard have motivated me to work on my businesses SEO.”


Understand your digital profile

Recent research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) highlights both the importance and reliance small businesses have on their digital profile with 86% of members using the internet for their business’s development and 79% using it for selling goods.

Dave Stallon, FSB commercial director, said: “Handle is hugely relevant to our existing members and something that should prove highly attractive to other smaller businesses. With the information in Handle, a smaller business can improve its commercial performance and gain a competitive advantage in its market. This enables it to enhance business performance, or keep on track with business goals, if it builds the insights from Handle into its Key Performance Indicator planning.  It should, therefore, be perceived as a key building block for businesses operating in our increasingly digital world.”

Handle has been created to provide clear and concise insight for business owners, allowing them to quickly focus on what’s important, ask better questions of their team, partners or even roll up their sleeves and make changes themselves. All the data in Handle updates monthly so business owners can track progress over time, see how their digital profile is changing and how this delivers success for their business.

And as Olly Betts explained: “The reason my business exists and the purpose of Handle is to empower small business owners with data in a language they understand. I know exactly how hard running a small business and protecting your online reputation is, so I am incredibly excited to launch Handle.

“We want to help more business owners see, understand and use the information available about their business. For too long information has been used to make decisions about small businesses with no way for the subject of all that data, the business owner, to efficiently understand or affect it.

“Handle is designed to give time poor small business owners the insight they need to succeed, quickly and efficiently. Whether that’s growing sales, protecting what they have or just saving money, the information is available to do all of those things and now it’s in one place”.

Handle is available on a 30-day free trial