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FSB launches major new online tool for SMEs

No business can afford to ignore how it is perceived by customers, competitors and suppliers. That’s why today’s launch of the FSB’s new online profiling service couldn’t be better timed. The new online tool – FSB Business Profiling – aims to deliver “a clear and accurate view of a company’s digital footprint”.

The service, which  uses Bizfitech’s cutting-edge ‘Handle’ technology and is aimed primarily at the busy owners of small businesses, promises to help users “quickly understand, digest and take action on the array of digital information available online which others are using to judge them.”

With the huge – and growing – importance of social media to how businesses are perceived, the service promises to collect information from a business’s website, social media accounts, finances, credit data and user reviews, in one easy-to-understand dashboard.  According to the FSB this information will reveal the “Online business persona that customers, prospects, suppliers, financiers and potential recruits could all be using as the basis for making key decisions on whether to work with the business or not.”


‘A unique resource’

FSB’s Commercial Director, Dave Stallon, says: “FSB is making this unique resource available to its members so they can better understand, monitor and manage all the digital information about their business that exists online.

“Recent research undertaken by our FSB Policy team shows that 86 per cent of our members use the internet for their business’s development and 79 per cent use it for selling goods.

FSB Business Profiling is, therefore, hugely relevant to our existing members and something that should prove highly attractive to other smaller businesses that could take advantage of this valuable addition to the extensive package of business services FSB members can access.”