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SMEs losing business to voicemail

Voicemail, once a boon for busy businesses aiming to stay in touch with customers, could in fact be hindering SMEs. A new study has shown that 69% of callers fail to leave messages on unanswered calls, with a third (33%) of small businesses letting their calls go to voicemail or ring out.

In a survey of 300 micro businesses (0-9 employees) and an examination of its own call data from 10,000 businesses, telephone answering service, Moneypenny, found that a third of the businesses surveyed (33%) failed to answer their incoming calls.


‘An immediate connection’

“Customers use phone enquiries differently nowadays; a phone call is no longer a research tool –that’s handled by social media, websites or email – instead it’s the final reassurance prior to a purchase. This results in fewer, yet higher, value phone calls coming from only the most serious of buyers. Not answering those calls guarantees losing the business.”

Ed continued: “We all hate leaving voicemail messages as much as we dislike listening to them. But if a mobile is answered by a real person, you’ve immediately got a business connection. It really is that simple. Larger companies have long ago realised the value of this personal touch, but it seems their smaller peers are still lagging behind and missing even the basics of a professional business front.”