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3 basic tips for a top social media strategy

Even small, local businesses need to communicate with potential customers using social media. Neither Facebook, Twitter nor LinkedIn is going anywhere. Here some tips for getting the most out of your social media strategy.

1. Engage, engage, engage

Social media is not like traditional advertising. You don’t put a generic advertising message out to the world and leave it there, hoping for a response.

Take your time to post a few quality, well-researched posts a day that will resonate with your audience or customers. When they inevitably respond, make sure to get back to them quickly, and build an active discussion from there. Building relationships means building your business.

Make the tone of your posts appropriate for your business goals and audience. Being too serious – or in some cases too informal – could alienate those you are trying to reach.

A good social media campaign or presence works because it is centred around the idea of a community. Engage with strong influencers in your industry or local area, such as bloggers or other big names, or those that you notice your customers tend to follow themselves.

2. Invest more than just your time

Your social media presence can be boosted with a little targeting funding. Take some time to see what sort of content or post does well, and consider paying to boost that post. While small businesses don’t have the advertising budget of other big firms, a little targeting spending can pay dividends.

If your budget allows, you could also put some funds toward Google Adwords.

“To do this, you’ll need a defined list of keywords that represent you and are found frequently on your website,” Jeffrey Hayzlett advises in an Entrepreneur article. “It’s important to have both in mind so you get the best bang for your buck.”

3. If at first you don’t succeed…

Try again. You might only need to do a little more research on your audience, current market trends, or change the specifications of an advertisement or boosted post by redefining the targeted audience, or even changing the imagery or wording involved.

Once something does work, keep at it. But it can always be made better. In time you’ll figure out at what points throughout the day – or week – your audience is the most active. Taking this knowledge to account can mean you get more from the time and money you invest in social media.